Blaxhall Festival

The weekend of 29th and 30th June is the occasion of the 2013 Blaxhall Festival, which combines the creative delights of the Art Exhibition in the Village Hall with the elegance of the Flower Festival in St Peter’s Church. The planning for a busy programme of associated activities is ongoing but it is likely to include a variety of musical experiences in or outside the Church, the ever-popular quiz, competitions for young people of various ages, an historical delve into the Parish records, a local ‘Trail’ of points of interest, a garden display and plants and produce for sale. Generally, the activities will run from 11.00am until 5pm each day. And of course, such an event would not be complete without the awesome and famous Blaxhall catering, provided by a steadfast team of volunteers serving visitors with lunches, teas, cakes and delicacies of many types from the caravan and marquee in the Churchyard.
We hope to see many faces, familiar and also new, partaking of the variety of activities.

If you would like to volunteer to help then please do not hesitate to contact Sheila on 01728 688178, Mike on 01728 689177. Contact Joyce Iszard on 10728 688452 about the art display or Clara Jenkins on 01728 688558 about the flower displays.

The Annual Meeting of Blaxhall Parish Council Meeting 1st May 2013

The Annual Meeting of Blaxhall Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 1st May 2013 following the Annual Parish Meeting which will start at 7pm and will be held in Blaxhall Village Hall.

The agenda for this meeting can be found on


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on wednesday 1st May at 7pm in Blaxhall Village Hall. Please look on

for the Agenda


The next parish council meeting is to be held on wednesday 6th March, you can find the agenda for parish council meeting on one of the two notice boards in village. Meeting is at 7.30pm in Blaxhall Village Hall.

The agenda has not yet been placed on the One Suffolk Blaxhall web site, so here below are a couple of items from the agenda that may be of interest to the public.

Item 1. Public Forum where members of the public are invited by the council to express their views and concerns on matters relating to items on the agenda.

Item 7.1 Assests if Community Value in Blaxhall - chairman to update and agree next steps

Item 7.2 Mill Common - update on removal of earth bank

Item 7.3 Proposed developmen on Mill Common Allotments - next steps

Item 10 Environmental Matters - to report on any matters relating to Highways, footpaths and allotments etc. and consider any actions required.

Item 10.1 Speed Enforcement

Item 12.1 Modifications to the Pre-submission of SCDC's Core Strategy and Development Paln Consultaion

Item 12.2 To consider correspondence recieved regarding signs on Blaxhall Big Common

Item 13. Chairman's Notices

Parish Council meeting 6 Februay at 7pm

There is to be an extraordinary parish council meeting on wednesday 6th February at 7pm to consider the planning application C13/0028 for the creation of a new vehicular/pedestrian access across part of the registered Mill Commmon, Blaxhall.

Full details of the Agenda for this meeting can be found on Blaxhall Parish Councils web site see the link below

Details of the planning application can be found on Suffolk Coastal District Council web site see the link below

If you wish to see plans and details, these are available for inspection at Suffolk Coastal Distrcit Council Offices, Melton during normal working hours.

If it is difficult to visit the Council Offices, the clerk to the Blaxhall Parish Council will have recieved a copy of the application and it may be possible to arrange to see that copy by contacting the Blaxhall Parish Council Clerk, Mrs J Jones.

Blaxhall Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7:30pm
in Blaxhall Village Hall
Members of the Public and Press are invited to attend
1. Public Forum

2. Apologies

3. Declarations' of interest regarding matters on this agenda
a) To consider any Dispensations

4. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 7th November 2012

5. (a) Report by County Cllr Andrew Reid
(b) Report by District Cllr Raymond Herring
(c) Police Report

6. Matters arising from the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 7th November 2012

7. Parish Council Business
7.1 - Parish Council Co-option – To consider nominations received
7.2 - To consider the Sizewell C Public Consultation
7.3 - Potential Development on School Hill – To agree next steps
7.4 - Mill Common – To receive an update from the Chairman
7.5 - Assets of Community Value in Blaxhall – To receive an update from the Chairman

8. Parish Clerk's Report

9. Planning Matters
9.1. New Applications
None received (but to include any received from the date of this notice).
9.2. Update on Existing Applications
None to report

10. Environmental Matters – To report on any matters relating to Highways, Footpaths and Allotments etc. and consider any actions required.

11. Finance
Bank Balances: A/C 10796573 - £9,020.14, A/C 90184039 - £4,635.07
11.1 - Payments to be Approved:-
Jo Jones Salary & Expenses - £360.94
HMRC – PAYE – Jo Jones) - £112.40
Wickham Market Partnership (Room Hire) - £27.50
SALC(Cllr Training Sessions) - £240.00
11.2 – To consider and Approve Donations

12. Correspondence
12.1 – To consider correspondence received regarding the Quiet Lanes Initiative

13. Chairman's Notices

14. Items for the next meeting to be held on Wednesday 6h March 2013

Public Meeting to find out about Hopkins Homes building six house on Mill Common Allotments, Blaxhall

As more information has recently been received by the parish council with regards to the suggested building of six houses on land in Blaxhall , currently used as allotments, Mill Common Allotments there is a Public Meeting on Friday 23 November 2012 at 6.30pm in Blaxhall Village Hall to discuss the building of six house on Mill Common Allotments.

This is an open meeting, so all are welcome.

Volunteer on Blaxhall Big Common during the winter months

Terry Peake the Volunteer Warden for Suffolk Wildlife Trust runs volunteer work parties on Blaxhall Big Common during the Winter months. The link to SWT web page telling you more about it.

Blaxhall Parish Council Minutes and Agendas

The agendas and minutes of the Blaxhall Parish Council Meetings can be found on the web site address given here.

Vacancy on Blaxhall Parish Council

As Maggie Grenham has resigned from Blaxhall Parish Council there is now a vacancy.