....and up it went

Work on stage one of the hall rebuilding project has been completed, and blends in very well with the existing hall it must be said.

Down it came...

Work began on the village hall extension with the removal of the existing dated and delapidated lean-to. Saturday 21/10/2006

Stain Removal

Church Window Specialist and Leaded Light Maker Ian Free, can be seen here working on the Victorian stained glass window that was removed from the church and taken away for repair last month. It is now fully restored and looking resplendent.

A Bygone Visitor

The Village was treated to a rare sight in June, when Geordie and Mel came to visit. Geordie, a Tree Surgeon (Greenman Tree Care) built the Gypsy Caravan himself and was partaking in a journey from south Suffolk to Norfolk. It transpires that Geordie was at Otley College with our ex Blaxhall resident Jamie Cutts.

One twice the number?

A possible doubling of rail services on the East Suffolk line is in the offing. Funding to reinstate the "Beccles loop", which allows trains to pass on the mainly single track line, is being sought. The line has attracted 16% more passengers for One Railways since the direct service to London was introduced in late 2004, and transport groups suggest the proposed doubling of services would both ease traffic on the A12 and help with the redevelopment of the Waveney valley.

Even Closer To God

Blaxhall deacon Nigella Youngs Dunnett was ordained as a priest on September 24th 2006 in St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

Considering Broadband?

If you are considering signing up to broadband or have already and have issues, it may be worth your while to take a look at this page. I have had the service for over a year and have written down my experience of the high speed revolution.

Bypass Plan Still Suffering Congestion

The planned/rumoured/feared/hoped for bypass of Little Glemham, Marlesford, Stratford St. Andrew & Farnham has been in the news again recently, some 10 years after first finding the limelight. The Government's Local Transport Plan, due to run from 2006, could see the project go ahead, but work would be unlikely to start before 2011. Even then only if the scheme is one of the 3 approved from the 5 being considered, and the environmental issues can be resolved.