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Mr Paul Meadows
6th February
Colchester Essex

First of all let me say how amazing this site is, so much history and information!
My surname is Meadows and I was interested to see from the history page that the Ship was taken over by a Samuel and Emma Meadows in 1800. I do not know if this is the same branch of my family, but I do know that my Great Granddad William Meadows was married to Rossetta Scarlett in the church during 1881. His Father’s name is given as John but unfortunately I have been unable to find any other record of him. If anyone has any history of the Meadows family in Blaxhall at the time I would love to hear from them.

John Bayless
27th December
Coulsdon Surrey.

Hi . I know I now come under the heading of ' Silly old Silver Surfer' but have the photo pages been taken off the web site or I am doing something wrong when failing to find them?

Regards John Bayless

message from michigan
10th October
carol healy

i have just found this web page it looks great, I used to live in Blaxhall, my maiden was Coggins, we lived at 3 church road, i have a brother and a sister, i married in 1968 at the church Mr Brown married us, i married a yank who was stationed at Bentwaters I came to America in 1968, my husband and i have lived all over the world we have moved many times, we are now retired. we have 2 children 10 grand children and 5 great grandchildren, so we have been blessed. I am trying to get in touch with the many friends i went to school with. My sister sent me the Blaxhall book it is lovely, and low and behold there i am in a few pictures, so that was nice.I would like to find Cynthia Jay, i know Shirley(Ling) that was.Any way have a beer for us in the Ship,oh so many memories Carol Healy

Village Blacksmiths
14th August
David Preston

We have discovered we are descended from a family called Block who were blacksmiths in the village for several generations.

Can anyone tell me if there is "The old Forge" or similar in the village.

Does anyone know of any Blocks still living in the area and if there are any gravestones with that name on in the churchyard?

Cable, Keeble, & Barber
14th August
The Fens, Norfolk/Cambs border

Back again after months away due to loss of laptop & backup discs! Researching the above Blaxhall relatives & would appreciate any snippets anyone has.
If someone could put me back in touch again with cousin Keith Ling I'd also be very grateful.
Coming to the fete today ...... hope there's a cake stall!
As always, the best village site on the 'net, thanks to all of you that maintain it.

Jim Barber.

Message from Pat Mills
11th June

my great great grandfather was born and lived 22 years in blaxhall. his name was henry lewis pallant, and lived at what i think was 112 limetree hall.i wonder if anyone has any information they can add to what i already know. re there still pallants living in blaxhall. pat mills. mallorca

Message from Marion Fenner(formally Fenton)
25th May
Chatteris Cambridgeshire

I am grandaughter of Robert and Pricilla Savage and was raised at an early agein Blaxhall.Would love contact with any of my long lost cousins,especially with David and John Savage, sons of George and Joan Savage.Well done to produces of this web site.It has stirred many memories! Thank you.

Message from Pete Krolik
14th May

Despite my foreign name I believe my mothers gran's family orinate from Blaxhall. gran was one Elizabth Emma R Jay, born 1907 in Ipswich.Her father apparently played the drum in the Salvation Army? Any local knowledge appreciated.

Message from Geoff Todd
10th May
Sydney Australia

I found a mention on the internet of an August 2009 article in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that the BAG was looking for relatives of a WWI serviceman 4581 Bejamin Richardson killed at Fromelles 1916. He is amongst a group of AIF servicemen I am also researching. Was there any responnse of findings following this article ?Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially a photo.Regards,Geoff

Message from Claire Reynolds
5th May
Hailsham, East Sussex

Firstly to say congratulations to all concerned with this website - very interesting and informative. I am tracing my ancestors and wondered if anyone knows about Isaac Moore who was born (in 1786) and lived all his life in Blaxhall as a shepherd (one of many I guess!!. According to records he married Emelia and had a son (Isaac born 1825) and a daughter (Sarah born 1826). Isaac Moore Jnr followed in his fathers footsteps and became a shepherd. If anyone has any more details or photos that would be great.Many thanks.