YOUNGMAN descendant visiting Blaxhall August 2016

Blaxhall, The Ship Inn

I would be pleased to make contact with any YOUNGMAN descendants.
Looking for any YOUNGMAN's or descendants still living in Blaxhall or know the history of my family. I will be visiting Blaxhall 27th to 29th August 2016 and staying at The Ship Inn.
Blaxhall and The Ship Inn are significant in my family as it was where my great great grandparents Henry and Maria Youngman lived in the 1841 Census. My great grandfather Thomas Daniel Youngman was also raised in Blaxhall.
Residences I am looking to visit are:
- Ship Inn (lived there 1841 Census)
- House Number 27, Blaxhall (lived there 30th Mar 1851 Census). Entire family of 2 adults and 7 children lived at this house.
- Back Lane (lived there 7th Apr 1861)
- Mill Common (lived there 2nd Apr 1871)
If anyone has information where these houses are / were located I would be grateful. Thank you. Warren Smith

Hi Warren,

You won't find a house number 27 I'm afraid, but with some luck and cunning you might be able to work out where it was from the route of the census. Back Lane is very much still here, it's the old unofficial name for a section of Station Road. Mill Common is still here too, but it's quite a large area.

We've got some Youngmans on the Blaxhall family tree, so I'll have a look to see if there's any more info for you.

Hi IckleMe,
Thank you for this information. I appreciate your help. I will be visiting the Blaxhall area 27th to 29th August and staying in The Ship Inn. Think it will be special staying in the same Inn my great great grandparents were way back in 1841. I have written to 27 Youngmans in the wider area listed in the phone book but unfortunately from the 2 that have replied they couldn't help. Also The Ship Inn has a note posted on their door. I am writing a book about my family so this adventure and anything I discover will be included.

Through this website I have connected with several Youngman descendants so I am grateful this website continues to connect people.

Thank you.

Best wishes
Warren Smith