Ling Family

Born in Ipswich now in London

I started to research my family tree about 8 months ago failing miserably at the first attempt but wiser for that on the 2nd attempt. Now finding this amazing site and spending some fascinating time reading, I can now realise why I failed the first time around.

I was born a Ling in Ipswich, my father Ronald marrying my mother Bertha Robinson in 1953. My Mother was one of 12 children and my father 1 of 9 children so I knew I was in for a huge undertaking to begin with.

As far as my father's side of my family is concerned I have worked back to George J Ling (1790) who married Jemima Burch (1792) and Samuel Ling (1793) who married Mary Thurston (1795). I decided to stop there and return to present day and try to fill in more of the blanks as I have names, dates and locations, but very few faces and very little history and background.

I am sure, as a child, I have passed through and even maybe visited blaxhall on trips out with my family, but never realised the significance and impact it has on my life. Reading about the Lings here has been a great inspiration and huge insight into my ancestors and their way of life.

Thank you to all the people who have been so diligent and hard working in making and maintaining this site and for all the continual additions of information and ongoing research.