Have just found this wonderful website about Blaxhall. My Mother was a LING and a grand-daughter of Margaret Emma, wife of Samuel Ling, she of the glass stealing!! My mother died in 2006 but she had spoken about her grand-parents as she and her two sisters used to spend summer holidays with Margaret Emma and Samuel, but Mum obviously never knew about the glass stealing!
My maternal grandparents, Stanley Joseph Ling and Florence Lily Shemmings were 1st cousins so I have quite a strong Ling strain in me.

I have just started delving into my mother's family history, as I have gone quite a way with my father's family and I found the History 1700 to 1900 so very fascinating. So glad to see that the Ling family have some rascals amongst us!

If any other Ling wish to contact me, please feel free to contact me on
Love to hear from you.