Environment Group

Blaxhall Environment Group

During 2004 several volunteers got together and formed B.E.G. They have several projects under way:


Dolly and Mavis - or am I mistaken? In late 2003 Shell kindly donated some money to the group to enable sheep hurdles to be bought; forming a portable fence, they allow sheep to be kept in the churchyard and rotated as necessary (not literally - turntable on order). Hedge planting near the church


100 metres of hedge were planted by the group last year with another 100m planned for this year. If you have a hedge row in need of replanting the group would be delighted to hear from you - contact Maggie Grenham on 688611. The hedge planting scheme is supported in part by SCDC, but the group are all volunteers.

Bird Boxes

Frank Pynn (sadly recently passed away) had been busy making bird boxes which have been going up around the village; if you are interested in buying one or donating suitable offcuts please contact Maggie. Blaxhall Environment Group now has a Co-op dividend number. So if you would like to support them in their work please give the number 266636 when you shop at the Co-op.